Gary Fullett Positions Himself as a Top Trading Educator

Gary Fullett

February 8, 2021

Gary Fullett

Former Chicago Mercantile exchange floor Pit trader, Gary Fullett, has positioned himself as a top trading educator. According to Gary Fullett, investing and trading is not just for the rich anymore. Over the past decade, technology has expanded in the trading arena to bring investing and trading to the masses, says Gary Fullett.

Gary Fullett believes that for any career, especially trading, you need to keep learning. That’s why Gary Fullett spends an incredible amount of time offering educational resources to beginner and seasoned traders. “Never stop learning,” Gary Fullett says. “The only way to get better and better at training is through trial and error. We’ve already done that. Now, we take our results to the public in the form of education.”

Gary Fullett of LTG Trading offers a variety of educational resources available on their site. One of the most popular is the free Wyckoff training live webinar available to subscribers. This is an in-depth discussion of the Wyckoff principle and is held every Monday at 9 pm EST. Subscribers also have access to all past webinars.

For non-subscribers and subscribers alike, there is a Wednesday at 9 pm EST free stock chat that focuses on a bar-by-bar analysis of current stocks in real-time using the Wyckoff principles. This is an in-depth, no-risk way to sample what Gary Fullett has to offer. Another service to subscribers is the Gary Fullett Wyckoff newsletter delivered daily. It covers what traders need to know about trading using the Wyckoff principle. There are frequent chart updates and quizzes.

For a more intensive course of Wyckoff principles, traders can take the Wycoff Simplified course. This is an advanced course that gives clear examples of the Wyckoff principles in videos of 30 minutes duration. The videos cover the trading range, selling and buying tails, accumulation, where to buy and sell, and more. Gary Fullett also offers a trading contest where traders can compete with other students to win back a portion of their tuition.

With 39 years of experience as a TAPE Reading expert, Gary Fullett is a wizard at trading. Now, he has brought all his skills and years of experience to the masses so anyone who is serious about