Gary Fullett of LTG Trading LLC Details How Trading Education Will Make You a Better Trader

Gary Fullett

February 8, 2021

Gary Fullett

For many, trading is a full-time job, according to Gary Fullett of LTG Trading LLC, and to be successful, one has to engage in continuous learning. There are some who get lucky and make money but in reality, it’s not. It takes skill, dedication, and education, just like any other career, says Gary Fullett of LTG Trading LLC.

LTG is firmly dedicated to the purity of Wyckoff as Wyckoff intended by The reading and understanding of Tape reading which no one does but Gary Fullett in his webinars and training

LTG Trading LLC is committed to supplying the industry with high-quality trading education in the form of webinars, newsletters, mentoring, and more. What stands among LTG Trading LLC education are their webinars on the Wyckoff Principal. This method of trading states that a traded instrument is done in four stages:

LTG is firmly dedicated to the purity of Wyckoff as Wyckoff intended by The reading and understanding of Tape reading which no one does

1. Accumulation

2. Markup

3. Distribution

4. MarkDown

LTG Trading LLC offers a web series webinar hosted by Gary Fullett of LTG Trading LLC. The webinars are broken down into the following:

  • Everything you need to know about the Wycoff schematic
  • Learning trading ranges
  • Learning about distribution
  • Learning about absorption
  • Learning about springs and upthrusts
  • Tape Reading Point and figure

LTG Trading LLC also offers an unlimited recorded 1 on 1 mentoring ( no one offers this) intensive course focused specifically on each Wyckoff principle, with real-life examples to help you grasp this method. Each principal is given thirty minutes of focus. Some of what LTG Trading LLC offers in this exclusive Wyckoff course includes, for example, lessons on trading range, selling tails, lps, where to buy and where not to buy, springboards, how to spot a trend, risk management, and viewing Wyckoff from the eyes of a floor trader.

When asked why Gary Fullett of LTG Trading LLC focuses so much on trading education, he said, “Trading is seen as a risky career but Gary tries to use education to limit that risk. With over 40 years of experience liken any business the key is education. Too many people give up on trading too early because they lack the knowledge to be successful. To me disseminate education to help others is something I get great pleasure.

LTG Trading LLC offers many education trading resources on their website. Some, like their newsletters, are free. Others, like their webinars, are available for an affordable price. “To be a better trader,” says Gary Fullett of LTG Trading LLC, “You have to keep learning. In fact, no matter what field you’re in, there is always room for improvement.”